ZipReports Background Screening

ZipReports specializes in helping organizations of all sizes by providing them with complete and in-depth background screening services. In fact, many of the most progressive and successful companies in the nation rely on ZipReports to deliver valuable real-time solutions that result in increased efficiency and faster turnaround. We have integrated decision making tools all within a customized system that meets your specific needs and fulfills your industry standards. ZipReports will provide you with the most accurate and current information available by utilizing our streamlined Instant Web Tools. ScreenPro, our on demand tenant screening service, will help you make sound and accurate business decisions that minimize your risk of having an unsafe tenant or unwanted employee. Our unique leasing program, WebLease, will afford you productivity-enhancing results that can help eliminate paperwork and give you a competitive advantage. With AuditPro, we will automatically monitor and run a background check on your current tenant or employee to ensure that they maintain and consistently meet your screening standards. ZipReports prides itself in customer satisfaction. Our dedicated customer service team will manage all your technical and ongoing service requirements. With ZipReports, you minimize your risk while optimizing results.

Benefits of Using ZipReports:

  • Superior customized reports tailored to your needs
  • Real-time access with instant and accurate results
  • Comprehensive national and international reports
  • Web Based Verification Tools
  • Dedicated and experienced customer service team
  • Data security and system reliability
  • Competitive pricing Data accuracy