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Fueled by the fastest-growing economies in the world and billions of dollars in annual investments, Asian consumers and investors are actively seeking opportunities to invest throughout the world.

Cross-border real estate transactions have shown no signs of slowing and the need has never been greater for AREAA members to expand their services and to partner with AREAA Global, Inc. to meet this demand from international clients.

With AREAA Global’s support, you can cultivate new international clients and turn your real estate investment ideas into long-term, wealth-building opportunities for your business.

Whether you have existing clients who seek to expand their investments into more complex and high profile business opportunities, or are looking to develop new clients, AREAA Global can help you achieve your business objectives by working with you each step of the way to launch your projects.

AREAA Global offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with a network of industry experts serving international clients in Asia and around the world. By partnering with AREAA Global, you can service your clients confidently and build.

AREAA Global Inc. is a for-profit corporation, wholly owned by AREAA. With direct access to the largest network of real estate experts focused on the Asian market within the United States and around the globe, AREAA Global will make your real estate and business transactions more profitable and successful.

Why Partner with AREAA Global?

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  • Gain the backing of a nationally-recognized organization with its connections to new sources of capital
  • Enhance your business reputation by connecting yourself to a trusted national organization and an unprecedented network of experts
  • Broaden your access to business opportunities domestically and abroad, and expand your access to overseas investors
  • Access experts from around the country and enhance your opportunities to deliver on the business goals you seek


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The Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA), established in 2003, is a national business trade organization focused on expanding housing opportunities for Asian American communities and creating business opportunities for real estate business leaders who serve this growing market.

With members in the U.S., Canada and Asia, the association is the only business trade organization focused extensively on facilitating international partnerships between real estate professionals in the U.S. and investors overseas.

Over the last decade, AREAA’s trade missions have led to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, France, China, and Taiwan – which have led to hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate transactions.

After years of collaborating with real estate and investment groups throughout Asia, and due to the emergence of cross-border real estate activities, AREAA Global was established to meet a growing need to support our members’ international clients and new business ventures.

[accordion title=”International Real Estate Development, Investment & Consultation” style=”default-style”] AREAA Global can help facilitate the acquisition and management of residential and commercial real estate for our clients. This includes large-scale real estate and commercial project management as well as direct investments in high-growth real estate opportunities. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”EB-5 Funding & Project Development” style=”default-style”] AREAA Global will help AREAA members obtain funding and structure eligible projects that are compliant with U.S. rules and requirements. Additionally, AREAA Global will help train EB-5 participants and provide the necessary quality control to ensure that the project is managed optimally. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Builder Services and Green Technology Marketing” style=”default-style”] By leveraging AREAA Global’s connection to Asian regulatory agencies and construction companies, AREAA Global will help market green technology and building materials into Asia. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”International Property Management” style=”default-style”] AREAA Global supports property management needs of AREAA members for international and domestic clients. By leveraging technology and the latest tools, AREAA members can benefit from the scale and efficiency of a world-class operation while maintaining the high-touch service AREAA clients demand. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”High Net Worth Client Development and International Referral Network” style=”default-style”]

Asia represents the fastest growing segment of high-net worth individuals in the world. Additionally, the Asian community in the U.S. has higher household income and higher net worth than the general population.

AREAA Global will help develop domestic and international lead generation programs to capture this important customer segment for AREAA members and clients.